This page is a collection of lectures on deep learning, deep reinforcement learning, autonomous vehicles, and AI given at MIT by Lex Fridman and others.

Artificial Intelligence (2022)

  • Announcement: Lectures will not be held in-person this year due to the high number of registered attendees and concerns of MIT COVID safety protocols.
  • Deep Learning State of the Art
  • Self-Driving Cars State of the Art
  • Robotics State of the Art

Deep Learning (2020)

Deep Learning (2019)

Self-Driving Cars

Drago Anguelov
Principal Scientist, Waymo
[ Video ]
Oliver Cameron
CEO, Voyage
[ Video ]
Karl Iagnemma
President, Aptiv Autonomous Mobility
[ Video ]
Lex Fridman
Research Scientist, MIT
[ Video ] [ Slides ]
Sacha Arnoud
Director of Engineering, Waymo
[ Video ]
Emilio Frazzoli
CTO, nuTonomy
[ Video ]
Sterling Anderson
Co-Founder, Aurora
[ Video ]
Chris Gerdes
Professor, Stanford
[ Video ]
Sertac Karaman
Professor, MIT
[ Video ]

Deep Learning (2018)

Deep Learning (2017)